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Turnkey Tiny Homes

Small in size. Big on comfort.

With our trademark adventurous spirit and love of the land, it’s no surprise that so many Australians have embraced the tiny home movement. If the lure of a tiny home is calling your name, the experts at Alphaline Homes can help you explore your options.

We offer a range of beautifully designed, turnkey homes on trailers which are suitable for singles, couples and even families with children. They can also be used for short or long term additional accommodation for family members or even serve as an affordable alternative to an extension on your existing home.

Thinking of buying a tiny home?

Browse our tiny home designs

Every tiny home design seen below can be customised to suit your needs. We can also create you a custom design completely from scratch. Get in touch with us today to have a chat about what you’re looking for in a tiny home.

Every one of our tiny homes comes complete with:

  • At least one queen sized loft bed
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Living and dining area
  • Fully contained bathroom with toilet and full size shower

Homes are built to spec but custom alterations can be made to suit your needs. You’ll also have several colour schemes, flooring and cladding options to choose from to make your tiny home truly your own within our selection studio.

We have a range of tiny home sizes available, with the minimum length being 3600mm and the maximum length being 12000mm. Depending on the specific home design, the base of our trailers will be as close to 750mm off the ground as possible. All home designs are 4.3m in height including the trailer.

Our tiny homes weigh around 3 – 4.5 tonnes with an allowance for around 500kg for bedding, furniture and possessions.

We also offer kit tiny homes (AKA flat pack or DIY). Click here to learn more. 

Thinking of buying a tiny home?

Standard inclusions for maximum liveability

Just because our tiny homes are small doesn’t mean you have to forgo the features you find in a traditional modern house. We design every tiny home with comfort, liveability and luxury in mind.

Some of our standard inclusions are:

  • 600mm deep kitchen benches
  • Full size shower
  • 90mm engineered steel framing
  • Gas cooktop, oven, hot water
  • Floor and ceiling insulation

Trailer specs/inclusions:

  • 3500 – 4500 kg GVM (depending on the length of the home)
  • Plated with Vehicle Identification Number
  • Duragal frame 
  • Electric brakes on all wheels
  • Sun raiser wheels
  • Jockey wheel and adjustable support on each corner for levelling
  • Provision deck on draw bar for air conditioning

Optional upgrades

If you want to take your tiny home to the next level, we also have plenty of optional upgradess available such as:

> Skylights

> Solar panels with battery packages

> Rain water tank

> Washer and dryer

> Ceiling fans, blinds/curtains

> Reverse cycle split system air conditioning

> Composting toilet

Tiny homes built tough

One of the greatest advantages of a tiny home is being able to relocate if you want to. To ensure our tiny homes can withstand the rigors of travel, no brittle materials are used in our designs. This means no ceramic tiles, no stone bench stops and no plasterboard.

Additionally, we use 90mm steel frames as standard which allows for the maximum amount of insulation. Steel frames are also lighter and stronger compared to timber frames, making for a robust structure which is also well-suited for transport. However, you can opt for a timber frame if required to accommodate any unique architectural/design features you may have in mind.

The steel wall and ceiling frames can be certified and engineered to a specific high wind/cyclone rating, making our tiny homes ideal for those who live in coastal areas. 

So you can be completely confident our tiny homes are designed to last.

Ready to go tiny?

To learn more about our tiny homes, or to request a no obligation consultation, simply fill out the form below. One of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your enquiry.

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