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Custom Designed Homes

We can bring your design ideas from concept to reality

Our turnkey tiny homes are built to spec but we can also create custom designs to suit your needs in order to make your tiny home truly your own.  You have the option of creating a layout that is completely unique or we can take one of our existing layouts and make adjustments to best suit your lifestyle. 

Choosing to go with a custom design is a great option if you are looking for an alternative to a traditionally built granny flat. Our design team can work with you to create a granny flat style tiny home which fits the needs and mobility of your relatives. For example, our larger sized homes can have the bed, living area and kitchen all on the one level so there’s no need to climb up stairs or a ladder to reach a loft.  We can make further customisations such as including wider door frames, no lips at doors for door tracks and a ramp up to the external door in order to accommodate wheelchairs/mobility aids.

If you’re interested in purchasing and custom designing a tiny home, the first step is to meet with one of our friendly consultants to have a no obligation chat about the size of home you are interested in and what you’ll be using it for. 

During this consultation, we’ll conduct a Design Needs Analysis (DNA) with you. This consists of running through many questions which we’ve formulated to uncover your hidden design and planning needs. This includes your short and long term needs, just a few of the topics include;

  • The outlook that’s available to capitalise on for views and or resale values.
  • How often you plan to move your tiny home or is more of a semi-permanent fixture that may require council consideration.
  • What accommodation or requirements is needed for your pets
  • How much storage space you’re going to need for other things in addition to the normal facilities.

If you’re happy to proceed, our talented drafting and design team will create a custom design to suit your needs and lifestyle. Or you can take one of our existing designs and we can minor adjustments to create the perfect tiny home for you.


Optional upgrades

If you want to take your tiny home to the next level, we also have plenty of optional upgrades such as:

> Skylights

> Solar panels with battery packages

> Rain water tank

> Washer and dryer

> Ceiling fans, blinds/curtains

> Reverse cycle split system air conditioning

> Composting toilet

Tiny homes built tough

One of the greatest advantages of a tiny home is being able to relocate if you want to. To ensure our tiny homes can withstand the rigors of travel, no brittle materials are used in our designs. This means no ceramic tiles, no stone bench stops and no plasterboard.

Additionally, we use 90mm steel frames as standard which allows for the maximum amount of insulation. Steel frames are also lighter and stronger compared to timber frames, making for a robust structure which is also well-suited for transport. However, you can opt for a timber frame if required to accommodate any unique architectural/design features you may have in mind.

The steel wall and ceiling frames can be certified and engineered to a specific high wind/cyclone rating, making our tiny homes ideal for those who live in coastal areas. 

So you can be completely confident our tiny homes are designed to last.

Looking for a tiny home kit which you can build yourself? All of our models are available as DIY kits.

Ready to go tiny?

To learn more about our tiny homes, or to request a no obligation consultation, simply fill out the form below. One of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your enquiry.

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