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“This might sound a bit dramatic, but this tiny home has honestly saved my life.”

Once it was finished, one of the owners, Dave, packed up his family, hooked up my tiny home and brought it down from Brisbane to NSW for me, at night… and in time for Christmas! It was carefully placed on my parents’ land and there were tears and hugs all around

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“We needed a tiny home… for our wombats!”

I’m a wombat carer and the coordinator for wombats for the Central Coast. My husband Steven and I have retired, and we regularly rent out our house. We needed somewhere we could live on the property while looking after injured and recovering wombats.


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“Any slight changes to designs were never a problem and my tiny home delivery went smoothly on a challenging hinterland site.”

From my first on-site appointment with Dave from Alphaline Tiny Homes, I felt very comfortable with his genuine knowledge and ease of communication with the products being offered. All of my questions were answered honestly, which gave me peace of mind with my decision to purchase my Tiny Home. 

I drove down to their Brisbane manufacturing site and inspected the products used and viewed the production line of current Tiny Homes being built. Again, this gave me confidence and peace of mind that this company was very professional with high building standards.

The contract and building program were informatively communicated throughout the build process. Any slight changes to designs were never a problem and the Tiny Home delivery went smoothly on a challenging Hinterland site.

I highly recommend and thank Alphaline Tiny Homes staff.



“At first I was worried about spending the money, but it was worth every cent.”


We absolutely love our tiny home. It’s very cute and a great investment. I first heard about Alphaline Tiny Homes on Studio 10. We wanted an extra room, away from the house for our son and it turned out to be perfect. 

At first I was worried about spending the money, but it was worth every cent. We chose the tiniest house as we had to make it fit into the space we had. It still has everything you need, and you could comfortably live in it.

Dave at Alphaline custom designed it for us as we wanted it to match the house. We went back and forth with ideas, and he was very helpful. I’d just ring him and say, ‘Can we do this or do that?’ I loved the zoom calls with Veronica as we could go over the interior designs and see what it would look like. It made the whole process feel much more personal. 

Nothing was ever a hassle. The team at Alphaline were really good.

Delivery day was the best day ever and it was pretty much to the timeframe Dave promised. We could have flown up to see it being built but we didn’t, so the first time we saw it in person was when it arrived at our property. Honestly it was like Christmas. Everyone in town was talking about it! We were so excited and as soon as we saw it we really loved it. 

Once our tiny house was set up, my nephew who’s a builder went over it and said it was beautiful and so well built. When my son moved in, I also discovered it was very soundproof. 

I can’t hear his loud music and have to bang on the door for him to hear me. It’s great!

If you were going to get a tiny home I would absolutely recommend Alphaline.  I give them a ten out of ten.


Louise Angus

“I love our tiny home. It meets our needs. We’ll be building more Alphaline Tiny Homes as Airbnb accommodation on our property.”


Building a tiny home on our farm was a way to quickly get accommodation on the property while we’re establishing our business – Mount Cooran Macadamias – as we don’t need council approval. 

We chose a larger size tiny home as my husband is spending a lot of time on the property so rather than a caravan, a tiny home was more spacious. Working with Dave at Alphaline during the planning phase was great as he could see what we wanted. 

We modified the design, changing to a skillion roofline to accommodate two single beds (as well as the Queen bed) so we could have family come and stay. The original design had rounded corners, so we squared it off to give us more room. 

We did a lot of upgrades as I knew what I wanted. I designed a whole bespoke interior. Alphaline was happy to work with all the changes. It was a fairly easy process, and they were very accessible and responsive by phone and email. 

It was also great that we could go have a look at our tiny home any time – and we did!

We really like Alphaline Tiny Homes and will use them again. The product is fabulous, the quality really high and we would recommend them. We had a few minor issues, but they fixed everything within a week of delivery.

We’re very happy with our tiny home and are going to put Alphaline Tiny Homes for Airbnb accommodation on our property. 


Julianna Carrie

“There were a few tiny home suppliers in Victoria that I contacted, however they all wanted to charge me a fee to even just look at their plans.”


I first started considering purchasing a tiny home due to the ever increasing cost of housing in Melbourne. I needed something more affordable and decided a great alternative would be to purchase a tiny home for myself and place it on my friends’ property. 

There were a few tiny home suppliers in Victoria that I contacted, however they all wanted to charge me a fee to even just look at their plans.

Instead, I decided to contact Alphaline to see what they could do for me. Right away I had a good feeling about them and they didn’t charge me anything for a consultation or to look at their plans. They asked me many questions about what sort of features I wanted in my tiny home in order for them to get an in-depth understanding of how to build the right home for me which is something I really appreciated. 

Even though Alphaline is based in Queensland, it was actually cheaper for me to purchase a home from them and have it transported down to Victoria due to the exorbitant mark-ups Victorian builders employ. 

The entire process of purchasing and designing my tiny home was very smooth. I really wanted the bedroom to be downstairs (not up in a loft) which is not something that’s always possible with a tiny home, however the team at Alphaline were able to make it happen. 

They also really helped me with deciding on the overall style of the home. Everything from the windows to the final finishes were carefully picked out. Having worked as an interior designer in the past, I could tell that they really knew what they were doing. Their interior designer Veronica was absolutely fantastic to work with and she helped me get exactly what I wanted, the way I wanted it. 

I was so incredibly excited the day that my new home was delivered. Even though their truck had to navigate down a dirt road with a steep driveway, it all went off without a hitch. 

All in all, Alphaline were very easy to deal with, everything was done on time and they always returned my calls and emails. I love my new house and I encourage anyone looking into buying their own tiny home to give Alphaline a call. 



“Honestly, they are quick to get the work done, the pricing is good value and the experience was easy.”

I looked at a few tiny homes builders, and went with Alphaline for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they have good reviews which gave me as lot of confidence. Also, they were really transparent with their pricing. You knew where you stood from the start, which was great.

When I spoke with them, Dave was really relaxed and easy-going — and helped to change the design to suit me. For example, they made the loft access a bit lower, which means I can easily stand up in the loft when getting into bed. It has made it really liveable.

My tiny home is on my parent’s property, and I really like being close to the family, while being completely independent.

William Leather

“In terms of timeframes and pricing, Alphaline Tiny Homes exceeded my expectations – they delivered great value with a quick turnaround time.”

The stability of the tiny home is excellent. It doesn’t rock about at all when I move around it. It has great height and lovely natural light. The kitchen is easy to cook in with lots of storage. The insulation in the windows and walls is excellent, it blocks out the majority of outside sound.

The staff at Alphaline Tiny homes were great to deal with, the whole process of purchasing my tiny home was made easy as they are good communicators. If I had any questions or concerns, Dave always got back to me straight away. They provided features and fixtures as ‘standard’ that other businesses wanted to charge additional costs for (e.g. screens on windows and doors, a deck, and drawing up the plans.)

I would highly recommend Alphaline to anyone looking to invest in a tiny home.

Judith Reardon

“Alphaline Tiny Home builders are the experts. My experience with them has been brilliant. Friendly yet extremely professional. They have turned my tiny house dream into reality.”


With excellent communication and great attention to detail, they don’t cut corners. The quality and finish is exceptional. I received all of this within a tight budget delivered to my door. All communication was via zoom, email and phone. I hadn’t stepped foot on site.

The borders from NSW to QLD were closed during the build time. It made no difference. I was regularly updated with photos. Nothing was a problem. I have no hesitation in recommending them at the highest level.

Amanda Mahn

“I was looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly living option which I could own outright and after doing some research I came across tiny homes.”


The idea of a tiny home really appealed to me. I have lived in a van before whilst travelling overseas so I’m used to living in a compact space. 

I saw an ad for Alphaline Tiny Homes on Facebook and gave them a call as they seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for. Dave came out to my property the very next day to chat about my options. From the beginning he was very transparent and easy to communicate with.

I gave him a drawing I had done up showing my ideas which included a lot of details such as window designs and a breakfast bar (which I wanted to be a big feature). Dave took all of this on board and came back to me with plans that Alphaline’s architect had drawn up. It was spot on for what I wanted and things proceeded quickly. From that initial meeting to delivery was 3 months. 

Alphaline kept to the price they had quoted me from the beginning and there were no surprise “add on” costs. Everything was included. 

Probably the best part about choosing Alphaline was that they offered a lot of flexibility. I was able to choose the type of cladding used and I was also able to upgrade to steel framework and added a skylight to the house too. Overall I’m very pleased with how everything turned out and I would definitely recommend their services.


Bruce Lawrie

“The workmanship is first class and the production facility at Brendale is super impressive”

You should look no further for a tinyhome builder – these guys are amazing! From the initial sales through to final delivery.

Alphaline were excellent.

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Alex and Tanya

Dave and his team go well beyond what you are expecting. They are friendly, extremely attentive and helpful. I highly recommend them for all your tiny home needs.

Oliver Wolf

Dave and the team at Alphaline were brilliant to work with. No issue that we had was too big of a fix. We are so happy with our tiny house and we definitely recommend the team at Alphaline Tiny Homes.

Nathan Deane

Would just like to thank Dave and the team at Alphaline for their great work.  I chose Alphaline to design and build my tiny home due to their competitive pricing and customisable options.  Everything from the initial consultation to the delivery of the tiny home went smoothly.

Bill Baggins

The team at Alphaline Tiny Homes have made building a tiny home so easy! They are a great company and deliver a great product. I fully recommend them to anyone!

Chung Lee

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