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FAQ’s about our Tiny Homes

In the interest of helping you learn more about our tiny homes as well as tiny home living in general, we’re proud to present this collection of FAQs. Is your question not covered here? Fill out the form on this page and we’d be happy to get back to you with an answer.

Thinking of buying a tiny home?
Once my tiny home on a trailer has been delivered, can I take the wheels off?

Yes, however it’s important to note that the trailer itself is fixed and cannot be removed from the base of the home. 

Even if you remove the wheels, your tiny home is still legally considered a caravan. So if you want to move the home at any point without the wheels attached, you’ll need to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit.

How heavy are your tiny homes?

This depends on the specific model of tiny home and any customisations that are made to the design. Our models range from 3 – 4.5 tonnes with an allowance for around 500kg for bedding, furniture and possessions if towing.

Can you build me a custom designed tiny home?

Absolutely. We can custom design something for you from scratch. Or you can make alterations to any of our existing models to better suit your needs. Just get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation.

Where do you construct your tiny homes?

We have a state of the art factory in Rocklea where all our tiny homes are assembled at.

Do you offer payment plans or finance options?

Yes, although your available options will be different depending on whether you are purchasing a home on a trailer or a DIY kit to be placed on a slab. Please contact us today to learn more.

Are your tiny homes insulated?

Yes, all our tiny home models include floor and ceiling insulation to help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

How do I connect my tiny home to sewage?

Our tiny homes come complete with standard flushing toilets which are ready for your local plumber to connect to an existing mains or septic sewer system.

If you are planning to take your tiny home travelling, or you’d like to have the option to move it around on your property, you can upgrade to a composting toilet for an additional cost.

How do I connect my tiny home to water?

Much like your average caravan, our tiny homes can connect to a water source via a garden hose.

If you’d like to take your tiny home off the grid, or you’d like to have the option to move it around on your property, rain water tanks can be purchased for an additional cost. 

How do I connect my tiny home to electricity?

Much like your average caravan, our tiny homes can connect to a power source via an electrical lead. Mains power is 15amps which is suitable for running appliances – fridge, TV etc. 

If you’d like to take your tiny home off the grid, or you’d like to have the option to move it around on your property, solar panels and battery packages can be purchased for an additional cost.

Do your tiny homes run on gas?

LPG gas is used to run the stove, oven, and hot water system in all our completed tiny home models

How should I prepare for the delivery of my new tiny home?

We’ll discuss this with you in detail prior to the assembly of your tiny home to ensure there will be no access issues on delivery day. However, a few things to keep in mind is to ensure that the area where your tiny home will be placed is level and that access isn’t going to be impeded in any way by tree branches, a narrow driveway etc. 

I’d like to put a tiny home on my property but delivery access is going to be a problem. Can you help?

Yes! This is where the flexibility of our DIY tiny homes truly shines. 

Rather than crane a completed tiny home over your house, a flat pack kit is a much better way to go. 

If you’re not keen on assembling a DIY kit, we can help you out there too. We can provide you with a quote to deliver and assemble everything for you. If required, we can further quote to complete the internal fit out too.

Can you ensure the design of my tiny home meets requirements for cyclone or bush fire ratings?

Yes, we can make modifications to any of our existing designs as required.

What is the average construction time?

Usually around 2-3 months once finance has been approved and all design work has been finalised.

How much does it cost to purchase a tiny home?

As a rough ballpark figure, we can design, construct and deliver a tiny home from $49,900. There is also the possibility for us to deliver your tiny home as a flat pack in which you assemble the home yourself from $26,900.

We can also help make your tiny home dreams come true with a range of flexible buying options. Depending on your needs, we may be able to facilitate a lease package or a rent to own package. Get in touch with us today to learn more about these buying options.

Can your tiny homes go off the grid?

If you want to take your tiny home off the grid, we can make it happen for you with the addition of solar panels with battery storage and a rainwater tank.

How else can a tiny home be used?

Tiny homes can be used for so much more than just residential living. If you think outside the box, a tiny home can represent a number of exciting opportunities, such as:

  • Ability to tap into the Airbnb market. You can rent out a fully contained tiny home on your property to earn extra income.
  • Commercial uses such as workers accommodation. Tiny homes offer a much more attractive and comfortable alternative compared to other transportable accommodation options for regional employees such as fruit pickers or FIFO mine workers.
  • Home office. With more and more of us now working from home, tiny homes are increasingly popping up in people’s backyards. They can be configured to create a fantastic workspace which is separate from your existing house and suited to your needs.
Do you deliver Australia-wide?

We sure do!

What are the benefits of purchasing a tiny home compared to a caravan?

Caravans are designed to be as light and compact as possible above anything else for towing reasons. This makes them ideal for people who are constantly on the go and want to move around. On the other hand, tiny homes are designed first and foremost with comfort in mind with towing more of a secondary consideration. Tiny homes are more comfortable, have better energy efficiency and are cheaper than caravans. They are designed to look and feel like home, while a caravan is more of a home away from home. If you’re looking for something that is more of a semi-permanent dwelling, then a tiny home could be right for you.

Do I need to obtain development approval to build a tiny home? And do I need a council permit to place a tiny home on my own land?

Tiny homes on trailers are technically considered to be ‘caravans’ in Australia. This is because they are not permanent fixtures and do not require a slab. Therefore, Development Approval is not required to build one.

In regards to where you can place your tiny home or whether you need some type of permit, different councils have different rules. In the case of many councils, you can have one tiny home on your property. But to have more than two, you need special permission. It’s important to check with your local council about their specific regulations before purchasing a tiny home. Increasingly, councils are embracing tiny houses as a viable way for people to live. The team at Alphaline Homes can help point you in the right direction, so speak to us today to learn more.

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