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Expand your accommodation options with our luxurious, custom designed tiny homes


Tiny houses have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, both for residential and commercial use. They offer visitors something a little bit different compared to your typical holiday house, cabin or cottage.

As an investment, tiny homes enable you to offer a perfect option for people who want a unique, cosy and romantic space to escape to for the weekend – or maybe longer. They are simply ideal for couples and families alike to enjoy a getaway which is guaranteed to be special and memorable.

If you operate a holiday resort and have land to spare, tiny homes represent an exciting opportunity for you to generate additional income with minimal fuss. They take up a fraction of the footprint of traditional accommodation options such as cabins, they can be placed anywhere on flat land and no zoning requirements have to be taken into consideration provided the structure remains on a trailer with wheels.


We help you create luxury getaways

At Alphaline Tiny Homes, we specialise in custom designed tiny houses and have many different sized plans and configurations available to suit your needs. We can match interior and exterior fit-outs to suit the look and feel of your existing accommodation options as well as your resort branding.

Luxury features you can incorporate include skylights, top of the range appliances, reverse cycle air conditioning, freestanding bathtubs and even fireplaces. Opting for a spacious deck with private pergola ensures each tiny house offers your guests the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

Our tiny homes can also be set up to operate completely off-the-grid with the inclusion of solar panels, rainwater tanks and composting toilets. This gives you the opportunity to offer a unique appeal to holiday seekers interested in eco-friendly/sustainable rental options. Plus, this makes your rental set up extremely cost effective.

The pros of setting up tiny homes at your resort for rental

  • Because they are so small in size, tiny homes don’t take a lot of time or effort to keep maintained and clean. So running costs are minimal.
  • Tiny homes are assets which you can sell at any time. You can also repurpose a tiny home if you need to in the future such as for staff accomodation or as an office.
  • Homes which are on trailers can be quickly moved in the event of a natural disaster such as a storm, bushfire or flood. You can simply hitch up a tiny home to a tractor and move it to a safer location until any danger has passed.
  • If your resort property is quite remote, you can give guests the unique experience of ‘leaving everything behind’. With modern life feeling so hectic at times, many people are interested in taking ‘screen free’ holidays, during which they can disconnect from all things digital. No internet. No phones. Just the chance to relax in the beauty of nature and enjoy the sights and sounds of the wildlife, all from the comfort of a cozy little house.
  • If you give your visitors a great experience, there’s a very chance you’ll be able to create repeat business as they will no doubt tell their friends about their memorable getaway.
  • When managed correctly, you can feasibly pay your asset off in 12 months – depending on location and competition in your local area. In the right conditions, you can start turning a profit quite quickly in comparison to other investment opportunities.
  • Because they are so small in size, tiny homes don’t take a lot of time or effort to keep maintained and clean. So your running costs are pretty minimal.


Do I need to obtain development approval to build a tiny home? And do I need a council permit to place a tiny home on my own land?

Tiny homes on trailers are technically considered to be ‘caravans’ in Australia. This is because they are not permanent fixtures and do not require a slab. Therefore, Development Approval is not required to build one.

In regards to where you can place your tiny home or whether you need some type of permit, different councils have different rules. In the case of many councils, you can have one tiny home on your property. But to have more than two, you need special permission. It’s important to check with your local council about their specific regulations before purchasing a tiny home. Increasingly, councils are embracing tiny houses as a viable way for people to live. The team at Alphaline Homes can help point you in the right direction, so speak to us today to learn more.

Once my tiny home on a trailer has been delivered, can I take the wheels off?

Yes, however it’s important to note that the trailer itself is fixed and cannot be removed from the base of the home.

Even if you remove the wheels, your tiny home is still legally considered a caravan. So if you want to move the home at any point without the wheels attached, you’ll need to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit.

Can you ensure the design of my tiny home meets requirements for cyclone or bush fire ratings?

Yes, we can make modifications to any of our existing designs as required.

I’d like to put a tiny home on my property but delivery access is going to be a problem. Can you help?

Yes! This is where the flexibility of our DIY tiny homes truly shines.

Rather than crane a completed tiny home over your house, a flat pack kit is a much better way to go.

If you’re not keen on assembling a DIY kit, we can help you out there too. We can provide you with a quote to deliver and assemble everything for you. If required, we can further quote to complete the internal fit out too.

Interested in learning more? 

We’d be more than happy to have a chat with you about our tiny home options as well as your potential plans for setting up tiny homes at your resort.

Simply click here if you’d like to arrange a no obligation consultation today. Or you can always give us a call on 1300 584 663.
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