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The Chalet 4800

without ensuite / see model with ensuite

The Chalet without Ensuite

Sleeps up to 2 people




H: 3900 L: 4800 W: 3000


PDF Spec Sheet

Download our The Chalet 4800 Spec Sheet as a PDF for more information.


Product Description

Are you looking for innovative ways to transform your property into a source of extra income? Look no further than – The Chalet, whether you’re seeking additional space for your family, employee accommodations, or opportunities for glamping, we have the perfect room accommodation options tailored to meet your unique requirements.

  • Engineered frame to N3 wind conditions
  • Fully Equipped, rover approved trailer for simple towing
  • Vermin proof glamping facility giving peace of mind for remote living
  • Efficient insulation for year-round comfort and energy savings

The Chalet is the essence of comfort and luxury, designed to offer a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers seeking a memorable stay.

What sets them apart is their flexibility. Whether you have a spare piece of underutilized land, or you want to make use of an unused area on your property, our team of experts can design and build the perfect living space that aligns with your vision. The Chalet can serve as guest accommodations for overnight stays or provide comfortable additional rooms for your growing family. They even offer a low-cost alternative to traditional bedroom expansions.

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